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Corona Virus is Scam in Nigeria, Mr Ibu Says

The Global pandemic Corona Virus as reall affected the Whole World. Many have lost their life amid this period, some contracted the disease and was later healed after taking several precautions and medical advice, many did but still died, and some are still with the Virus up till now.

Some Countries in Africa, especially Nigeria many people feel the Virus, is not in the Country that the Government are Only saying it is in the Country, just because of their own Selfish Intrest which theh will get from International Bodies.

Renowed and Popular Nollywood Nigerian Comic Actor John Okafor Popularly know as "MR IBU" has made is opinion on this issue know to the public. According to the Veteran actor he said, "i see no reason why our Country Nigeria should be Involve in Covid_19. It Only Nigeria that will like to partake in a devilish program"

He further said that "he is not afraid of anything called Corona Virus that he was on his own way and nobody has ever died because of Covid_19 lets bet sorry for ourselves"

He said "The fast rising of the Covid_19 cases in Nigeria is worse, have you heard or seen anybody with Covid_19 or went to the hospital and the Doctor said that the patients has Covid_19 or went to a burial ceremony and people said the deceased died of Corona Virus. NCDC are giving us update on people that died are they not human beings, at least let them show us the photos of one person who died of the Virus"

He ended is statemnt by saying" We have hot weather here in Hausa so the Virus is afraid of we the Nigerians, it can't harm us. It has affected so many Industries and Occassions in the Country, that has driven us away from our Workplace and made us stay Indoors because of lies"

This words by the Veteran actor depicts how the pandemic is a Scam in Nigeria, but this is the perspective of the actor, lets hear you guys Views.


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