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Innovative ideas to stop the spread of corona

is it not surprising that weighton has built a robotic barber that can cut his hair just to prevent corona

Though some countries and state have reopened and loosened restrictions on barber shops and hair saloons, not every one is ready to head out in public hair

Shane wighton is an engineer and You tuber known for his channel 'stuff made here'

He said he would rather not have someone cut his hair who's also touching a 100 others people's head all day long so he built this robot

Few month ago he invented a robotic basketball hoop that helps him land the shot every single time

There is nothing this White people will not try to invent

We Nigerians we no de carry last even we too breakout with our Ankara face to stop the spread of corona

Have you thought of not going to the hair saloon because of corona virus?

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