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"Are We Playing With Fire?" - Reactions As Nigeria Police Set To Take Over Check Point From Soldiers

"Are We Playing With Fire?" - Reactions As Nigeria Police Set To Take Over Check-Points From Nigeria Soldiers

Since lock down began in the country, so many things have been happening today. A lot of criminal activities have been hitting around due to COVID-19 lock down.

Since the beginning of the year, there have been series of reports about rape, theft, abductions, herdsmen attacks , & Boko Haram terrorists doing their own in the Northern part of the country.

Our security personnels are facing serious issues with the present insecurity in the country. Recently, it was announced that over 300 Nigerian soldiers resigned from their jobs because they are tired due to lack of weapons in combating Boko haram fighters.

According to Oluyemi Fashipe (YemieFash), an Akure based influential who revealed on his twitter handler that Nigeria Army has ordered all its military personnels across the country to withdraw from all the check-points and road blocks with immediate effect.

On this note, Nigeria Police will now take over from them so that Nigeria soldiers can now join others in the war against Boko Haram.

The problems in the country could be too hard for Nigeria police to handle at this critical moment when so many crimes especially abductions & banditry have been a threat to our society today.

It will be very difficult for Nigeria Police to handle criminal activities on the road as many police officers fear their lives more than their duty.

Another reason to this is that Nigeria police are good in extorting people on the road instead of performing their jobs. Some people even said police are more corrupt than the military personnels which we believed.

Another worst road is Abuja-Lokoja Okene road where these criminals operates frequently without cautions during lock down, and now that the lock down is over, it will surely become worst.

I wish something urgent can actually be done fast to allow Nigeria soldiers to maintain their guards on all the road blocks across the country, instead of allowing Nigeria Police to take over. It is glaring that police cannot counter terrorism, banditry and kidnapping operations in the country.

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