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Secondary And Primary Schools Should Resume At 2021 (Opinion)

Due to the recent pandemic that kept the world in fear and panic, all schools were shut down, including other governmental and non-governmental sectors. Civil servants and workers were suspended and temporarily retired to sit-at-home till the pandemic (Covid19) is resolved.

Recently, WAEC (West African Examination Council) were about to write exams, but Nigeria took the right step by pulling out; the case of this virus is increasing everyday, so uniting students to school would be a dangerous decision. The school is a social organization, there is no way students would not break the law of social distancing.

Universities should remain closed till next year, all Nigerian Students should use this opportunity to learn and acquire skills, and probably engage themselves in day- to- day paid jobs, reopening of schools could be a high risk of exposing them to the virus.

A friend of mine once said " Students at home that does not have anything doing could involve themselves in arbitrary social vices". His opinion is of a truth, because when a student is not engaged and not getting the financial assistance from their parents, they could be left with no choice than to commit evil.

All Nigerian students should take this period as an advantage to equip themselves, especially the final year students, develop yourselves and get ready as Nigeria will welcome you to the labour market after graduation. Students that has tender kids at home should also engage them in home lessons and practicals to ensure they don't spend much of their time playing.

Here are list of some skills to engage yourselves.

1. Carpentry work

2. Printing

3. Welding

4. Paint production

5. Computer programming

6. Construction of women cap etc

There are much more you could engage yourself.

Bear it in mind that this is not a fake content, but my own view of what all Nigerian students should do as we are in this pandemic period. Imagine as this pandemic is going on, and you are making at least 2-3k a day, you would not feel the boredom of this pandemic,or most especially, you acquired a trade or skill, you wouldn't feel government has cheated you to stay at home.

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