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More updates on the new Russia's covid-19 vaccine

As it is a well known fact that Russia has created and tested the first covid-19 vaccine, there are still some things we need to know about this vaccine. Things we need to know like how efficient it is, how accepted it is, and the side effects one might likely experience. In this article, we will tell you how all this works.

Russia has become the first country to produce a vaccine which is capable for curing the covid-19 virus. The vaccine is known as SARS COV-2. Earlier this month, it was stated that 38 people has been tested and they are set to be discharged by next week.

How Efficient is this vaccine?

This is a question that comes into the mind of almost everyone. According to The Russian Defense Ministry, he announced that it has developed a safe vaccine against the pandemic COVID-19, which is known as SARS-CoV-2.

Researcher Svetlana Welchikhina declared in a video released by the Ministry of Defence that people who underwent the trial can fight against coronavirus because their immunity is working well now and are being produced antibodies and are protected against the coronavirus.

How accepted is it?

It is not clear for now how accepted the vaccine is because the UK is currently created and testing their own vaccine and the Americans are doing same. The WHO said that "the vaccine will have to pass the three trials before it can be accepted by them".

Side Effects

As we all know that this vaccine is for a virus and it is likely to go for patients to go through side effects.

It is stated that the side effects are headache and shivering but it stops after a while. Not much of a side effect if I may say.

The Russian defence ministers further explained how the vaccine will be created in fast range to go round the world.

Seems like the days is coming to an end for Covid-19.

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