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Lady Becomes Best Friends With A Giant Doll She Found Abandoned By A River (Photos)

A British woman had a high-profile relationship with a large doll she found on the river.

Helen Rimell was walking down the Thames when she found a toy thrown on the ground.

Helen said a "ruler and a wise man" named Bob had "abandoned" the trust.

She named the instrument, Gladys. Helen decided to take the toy home. She lived alone, hse took the doll as her companion.

Describing the meeting, Helen said: “The end of March is a beautiful spring day, as I walk near my home in South East London.

“The sun was setting in the river, swimming in a golden place, the wind was blowing slowly on the trees, and the birds of the air looked more pleasant than ever.

“It was a great day, except that we we are in global epidemic, which most of us have never had in our entire lives.

"The night was a nightmare for the country, and this was my daily journey outside the four walls of my house."

She turned to go home and saw Gladys on the floor.

Helen says: “There was something on the ground catching my eye, and I went and saw that she was a woman.

“Someone lost her then; abandoned, unwanted, and forgotten.

“I went home but I couldn't drive this woman crazy.

“I asked her what had happened to her in her way.”

Helen continues: “She told me that her name was Gladys, that she was a nurse, but that she often went to bed with a bad court named Bob.

“Bob was a ruler and a worker, he forced Gladys to quit her job, and she was harassed by friends and relatives.

“After another scary line, Bob dumped her empty handed, not even the clothes she was putting on.

The two spend time together and enjoy lunch, tea and drinks at night.

Helen even brings Gladys to the grocery store.

The doll is said to be "kind".

Helen says: “Gladys plays a role in her personality, as well as her laughter.

It didn’t take her long to get sick, I was able to sleep for a week; and she was beautiful, kind and caring, we admired her nursing skills in the past.

"It can be dangerous through the coronavirus myself, especially with the disease, but thanks to Gladys here it shouldn't be."

Helen is glad she was with Gladys through the closure.

She is said to have been a "whirlpool" and appears to have lived together for more than a month.

Helen said: “We were very excited, as well as many trips, as well as many trips we could have in the event of a remote epidemic.

“The day she moved here we enjoyed healthy vegetarian, tea-free tea; start the way you want to move on, we say.

"Since then we've had some beautiful pictures in a small fruitless garden, we had a great walk, we had a good day in the living room, and more, a lot of benefits together."

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