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Apart from Covid-19 infection, see other things your nose cover can also prevent you from

Since the Corona Virus sneaked into this country, a lot of ways and means have been put into use in order to control the spread of the virus from one person to the other.

Among the ways, are the use of nose covers, hand sanitizers, washing hands with soap and social distancing.

For the use of the nose cover, it may seem to many as if it not going to be useful after the disappearance of the virus. Here I want everyone to know that the money spent on nose cover is never a waste because there are other things it can be useful for now even after the disappearance of the virus.

Here are the other usefulness of the nose cover.

1.      Sneezing:- It can prevent someone from infecting others when one sneezes in the crowd.

2.      Coughing:- It prevents anyone suffering from cough from infecting people around

3.      Unwanted pollution: When you are in environment where there are unpleasant odors.

4.      Chemical smells:- It can prevent one from inhaling chemicals in the factory and other places where chemical are put into use.

5.      Dust:- It can safeguard one from inhaling dust gotten from sweeping untarred road.

6.      Smokes:- All the smokes one inhales into one's nostril when you are in the kitchen frying your meat, fish, eggs and from cars exhaust, and lorries on the road, which can cause lung problem will be prevented from entering into your nose.

7.      Cement dust:- For the bricklayer and those who work in the construction, it is good to protect their nose from the damage the cement can cause their lungs.

8.      Harmattan:- It will be useful during the harmattan when dust enters into one's nose leading to running nose.

With all these, you can see that, the nose cover you bought for the prevention of Covid-19 which some people never make use of when going out now, will still be useful for you even after the disappearance of Covid-19 as stated above.

Don’t throw it away as it is useful now and after the Covid-19 disappearance.

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Content created and supplied by: GOD'SNATURE (via Opera News )

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