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Use this home remedy to treat neck pain and headache, get relieved within few minutes

Potatoes are save to eat tubers,which are easily seen worldwide and all through the year. They are proportionately cheap to farm on, they have rich nutrients and potatoes can be used to make a sumptuous meal.

Apart for the edibility of potatoes, it has a medicinal property which is yet to be discovered by most people.

When experiencing a pain on your neck or a servere headache which arises from stress or spending much time on your computer or laptop while working from your office, workplace or home, a simple over the counter treatments could fix the pain and stop the headache.

The good news is that research has just divulged that there's another item which can be used to relieve headache and especially neck pain.

When it comes to headache and neck pain, Using potatoes to stop neck pain and headache is more recommended because it is natural and has no side effects.

Potatoes carries major nutrients that when cooked has a lot of benefit in human health in enormous ways.

Potatoes has abundance of fiber and potassium, which adds to nearly all of its benefits. Apart for relieving neck pain and headache, they also work on blood pressure by reducing it, keeping the heart safe and even treat inflammation that leads to diseases like cancer and rheumatism.

Neck pain and headache usually cause an unbearable uproar in the biceps muscle and distorts the activities of other muscles in the neck, the spine and the nerves.

Since the inception of lockdown due to the spread of corona virus, It has been recorded that there is a hike in the number of people having neck pain problems and headache accompanied with neck stiffness.

People experiencing neck pain and headache can now use simple potatoes to treat themselves. Even though tennis balls are undoubtedly useful for this treatment too, most people do not have tennis balls at home hence potatoes is used and it works well too.

How to use potatoes

Loosely tie a bandanna around your head and then put in some slices of raw potato between your head and scarf or you just tie potatoes together using a sellotape and lie down flat, making sure that the potatoes is placed underneath the back of your head.

You can also strategically place the potatoes where the pain is much,and lie down in a quiet room to relax your mind. 

After an hour, bring out the potato slices and you will discover that the potato slices would be very warm and the neck pain and headache relieved.

Then you let your neck ease tension and this helps to rearrange your neck position and detach the muscles. It’s so effective.

This is a very easy and useful method people can do at home to set free their neck tension and the pressure around the neck themselves.

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