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Opinion: Federal Government Should Reopen Schools on August 1st 2020

It's obvious that Covid-19 exist in Nigeria and is spreading rapidly. And due to the rapid spread it leads to schools and the entire nation being shutdown, which has also affected WAEC, JSS3 and common entrance student (primary 6 student) from writing their final exams.

Due to the lockdown, so many students have become idle with no handwork to rely on some have gotten addicted to their phones, while others eat uncontrollably which can cause obesity. Some even sleep more than expected, which make their hormones so weak and they become lazy which could probably affect them when school finally resumes. Despite the spread, there are guidelines and precautions clearly stated by the FG through the Presidential task force on Covid-19 and Nigeria center for disease control (NCDC) in which, if been adhered to properly could help in reducing the spread of the virus. Am of the opinion that, FG should consider reopening of schools on August 1st, with reasons being that all the guidelines should be adhered to strictly in order not to put the health of staff, student and other educational personnel at risk.

Is so sad that the most vulnerable place (Market) on earth is open for business to take place with no precautions being observed which is also very risky to the health of Nigerians. School is a well cultured environment were principles and values are being observed. It will be easy for students to take responsibility for their health by adhering properly to the guidelines stated that could help in reducing the spread of the virus.

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Am of the opinion that schools reopen on August 1st, so that academic activities can resume fully. The minister of education should also ensure that every school has complete facilities and all requirements needed for the school to be open. In order that the health of teacher's, student, Administrators and other educational personnel will not be at risk. I encourage Nigerians both staff and student and other educational personnel to adhere strictly to the guidelines stated by the FG. Let's take responsibility for our health and together we shall build a greater Nigeria.

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