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Blessing in disguise - Fiction

I have already planned to travel to Lagos for a job interview this morning. Every single thing I need to go with has been put together. Though, this interview was scheduled to be by 3 PM. Already I have booked a flight with one of the International airlines in the country. All these arrangements I have been making for the past month.

Unfortunately on the day that am supposed to embark on this journey, something unexpected happened.

I got a call from the Human Resource personnel stating that the interview has been rescheduled. That it will take place on a day to b announced later. At this point, I didn't know what to do. How are my going to get back my money, considering the fact that every one is struggling to survive in this period of Corona virus.

I was still pondering on that and it was already night. I then decided to tune in my radio at least to forget about my worrie. This news that came up was saying that one of the airline company developed a faut after it has taken off and that pilot thought that it won't result to any thing bad. But unfortunately, things went the wrong way. All the passages survived but had great injury and have been taken to national hospitall for immediate care. At this point, I became dumbfounded. All i coud say was thank you lord for my life and life of the other passangers. Indeed, it was blessing in disguise.

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