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WATCH OUT FOR YOUR CHILD: This Is What My 7-Year-old Son Has Been Doing With An Electric Iron

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I have been hearing a preacher saying that there is foolishness in the heart of every child. I am sure he is quoting a verse in the scripture.

I have never given the words a serious thought until something happened in my house last week. I have learned again that children, no matter the age should never be left alone in a closed door for a long time.

I am not a career woman. The business I do gives me time to be with my children. Yet, this kind of near suicide act is being committed in my house, under my nose.

I wouldn’t have found out if not for the Covid-19 holiday.

My family takes tea for breakfast every morning. I use to share beverages to everyone to avoid theft and milk waste. The beverages disappear within a short time in my house. I suspected they leaked them or used them extravagantly. So, whenever beverages are bought, they are shared among the family members.

You are free to eat yours in one day but you will not be given another until after 21 days.

This method has worked for me for the past two years. But I have not bothered to find out how they boil their water for tea.

I didn’t think I should. There is a gas cooker and a stove. Again, I always made sure all of them ate in the morning before leaving the house. And they all did. Most times they brought out their tea in the dinning to make sure I saw them while breaking fast.

My son always brought out his hot tea to the dinning. He was always the first to drink his tea and left for school. 

I used to think he boils his water on the gas cooker or stove. But I met the choke of my life one earlier morning when I went into his room to iron my clothes.

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My son was getting his hot water for tea ready in his room. How? With what?

With an electric pressing iron.

When asked how long he has done it? He said since I started sharing the beverages.

When the nanny finished ironing their school uniforms, my 7-year-old son would replug the iron. He would face it up and made it stable with two objects. He would have his favorite tea stainless plate filled with water and placed it on the plugged iron.

*Image credit: Author

What a would have be calamity! What would I have said?

No wonder he was always the first to get his tea ready.

My eyes are now wide opened.

***Read and share it.

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