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Hunger is a bad teacher.

It is true that hunger can make one still. The very primary need that when it's lacked, anything can happen is food. Infact, hunger doesn't recognize the condition of any man, rich, poor, jobless etc. Every living being must eat.

Food, it's an important key to happiness. What do I mean? Whenever you see a person who smiles and joke happily with people, just be sure He/she has eaten. Do you Know hunger could be the reason behind the misbehaviours of some individuals?

The wise say, "Necessity is the mother of invention." When endurance is overwhelmed, a man will forget interest and go for whatever comes. The most frustrating of it all is when one has some children who cannot hold up their mouths against food, the anxiety is always very tough.

I want to briefly share the experience of man, but due to his personality, I will not give out his original identity. The writer met this man in Ado-ekiti, Ekiti state during his visitation to the city.. The writer is a person who is always sensitive of the occurrences around him just to discover a new thing to write about.

A pastor, and founder of a particular new church, in Ado-ekiti who was known for his gorgeous dressing has been forced by the COVID 19 hunger to diversify into being a commercial motorcyclist. The lockdown which restricts the gathering of people has directly put church activities at stand still.

According to Pastor Lekan, taking up Okada business is the only available channel to conquer hunger. This man has been blessed with five healthy children who must eat.

Obviously, hunger has penetrated into many household in this lockdown. If we all observe it, more young people are now found staying close to the bad portions on the roads to beg passers-by for money. It is an effect of hunger. You may not believe it, "An hungry man is a desperate man."

I think we need to appreciate the courage of those who stoop low to take up unbefitting jobs to overcome hunger. It's because they have positive consciences. A lot of individuals have become robbers, fraudsters, burglars etc. Many young ladies have taken up prostitution because of hunger.

Another bitterness of the whole matter, is the fact that many of the rich people around are never interested in helping the poor. Common food stuff, they cannot give to the poor people around them. They have forgotten that the hungry persons can do anything disastrous at anytime.

It's time we rose against hunger in this country. If we can stop hunger, then we can conquer insecurity.

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