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Check out Medicines, tips and advice they issued in isolation centers.

Medicines and drugs are been taken by patient so as to get relieved from any form of diseases. The world health organization has proven that presently there is no vaccine for corona virus, but patient of Covid-19 positive are given some drugs and healthy food so as to boost their immune system.

Check out below medicine and advice from isolation center:

1. Vitamin C-1000

This is in a form of capsule or tablets. Oranges can also be used if you decided not to use drug.

2. Vitamin E

its also inform of tablets or capsules. Other plant alternative include melon, spinach and avocado.

3. Stays in the sun

This is a therapy that must be done for at least 15-20 minutes so as to trap vitamin D for healthy skin, and immunity.

4. Egg meal

Egg must be taken once everyday either fried, or boiled.

5. Resting

Minimum of 7-8 hours of resting must be taken.

6. Drinking of water

Fresh and cool water of about 1.5 litres must be taken everyday so as to push any traces of Covid-19 present in the throat.

7. Warm or hot meal

Do not take any cold meal, instead always make your meal warm because corona virus can't withstand high temperature.

Note that the pH of corona virus varies from (5.5-8.5)pH, so you must consume more alkaline foods or fruit above the acidity level of the virus.

Alkaline foods to always eat during this period of the pandemic are :

Avocado= 15.6pH, Orange =9.2, Pineapple = 12.7, Garlic =13.2, Yellow lemon=8.2, green lemon=9.9 etc.

How to know if you are infected with corona virus.

6 steps to follow as a daily routine so as to be free from corona virus.

Check out the human lungs:

Note: add lemon with warm water to eliminate the virus at the beginning before reaching the lungs. Do that everyday as a routine.

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Remember to always stay safe. NCDC

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