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'Classroom don Turn Poultry farm' -People react to a classroom that's being used as poultry in Borno

To say many have lost interest in education or rather going because of the effect of the novel corona virus can't be underestimated as day after day, many happenings within the country keep making that obvious.

Most students have given up hopes of going back to school this year and channeled their strength to pursue money, while other are skeptical on learning a trade as its not going to take less than 6 months to learn any visible skill in Nigeria like tailoring, etc and so with the unstable updates on school resumption, has kept themselves at home praying for a positive turnaround.

However, parents too seems to have joined in the quest for non resumption of school this year as they seem to have been greatly affected by the virus and need time to make ends meet so effects of the pandemic will be over on them and their wards by the time school eventually resumes.

More so, a recent photo went viral today by one Olusegun Iselaiye showing a school in Borno state which has been turned into a poultry farm.

This indeed shows that the owner of the school has lost great interest in resumption of school any time this year perhaps, then decided to rear his birds there so to make ends meet for he and his family.

Nigerians reacted on it heavily as while some think that could be the reason why some zones are against school resuming this year, others gave very funny remarks of it.

Are you surprise this is happening?

Photo Credit: Twitter

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