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Guys Who Don't Wear Face Mask Are The Same People Who Don't Like Using Condom - Erigga Says

Nigerian music star Erhiga Agarivbie, popularly known by his stage name Erigga has thrown shade at those guys violating government approved measures to curbing the spread of coronavirus in the country.

Since the outbreak of the novel virus early this year in the country, government together with some relevant health agency have brought out preventive measures it's citizens must observe to help curb the spread of coronavirus, having one of them as wearing of nose mask or face mask as the case may be.

However, it is regrettable that despite the effort of the government toward curbing the spread of coronavirus in Nigeria, some people still fail to abide by the preventive measures put in place by government.

This is believed to be what prompted the Nigerian music star, Erigga to criticize those offenders, liking their refusal to wear their face mask to guys refusing to wear condom to protect themselves from STD's during copulation.

"Those guys you see not wearing face mask are the same people who don't like using Condom." He wrote.

See screenshot of his tweet below:

Assessing Erigga's statement, it can be clearly seen that the two scenario have the same consequences; that is, refusal to protect yourself from coronavirus by ignoring the use of nose mask and refusal to protect yourself from STD by ignoring the use of condom, the two have the same risk of spreading diseases.

We urge all to help the government in the fight against this coronavirus by wearing nose mask anytime we are stepping out.

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