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Photo: Is This The Latest Selfie Swag Or Another Lockdown Challenge?

Social media is one place you see funny pictures that will crack you up, sometimes one can't help but wonder over the ideas and concept of some pictures people share on social media, do they do this with the intent to make people laugh, or they really do not know this is way out of it. This period of covid-19 lockdown has seen lots of people on social media involving in lockdown challenge as a way of killing boredom.

This photo of a well-dressed man, holding a glass of juice and taking a selfie while standing on a bath tub is quite hilarious, he strike a pose of someone feeling like a boss, that moment that says finally I have made it.

Some people who ain't expose to civilization yet may not know it is actually a bathtub. Could it be the case with this photo or is this the new swag in town? Maybe it is a lockdown challenge soon to go viral.

Oh, well! Whatever the case is, it really gave me a good laugh. It may seem as a joke, but this pose may start trending with social media users calling it the bathtub selfie challenge.

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