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All Keke Riders In Jos With BVN Should Be Paid N20,000 On or Before Saturday 18th July. (Opinion)

It is no longer news that the coronavirus pandemic is ravaging the whole world, the world economy is going down day by day in which Plateau state and Nigeria as a whole is not left out. Many have lost their jobs, business are not moving, people now finds it difficult to even eat, it is high time our government takes a drastic measure to curb this menace. 

As we all know, one of the measures or guidelines set aside by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Nigerian Center For Disease Control (NCDC) to better stem the spread of coronavirus in the country is social distancing, constant use of nose mask and regular washing of hands, these can be better achieve when there is an imposed lockdown. 

However, due to the hunger in the land and the drastic drop in economic activities in Plateau state and Nigeria as a whole, the federal and state government has decided to lift the lockdown do people can go about doing their little businesses to earn a means of surviving the virus. 

The plateau state government key in to the relaxation of the lockdown on the basis that there will be strict adherence and enforcement of social distancing in public places and constant use of nose mask while in public. To achieve this social distancing fully, the plateau state government has ordered all Keke Napep Riders in the state not to carry more than one passenger at a time as that will ensure adequate social distancing while enroute. 

So far so good, the keke riders are not adhering to these directives but instead they still pile people in their keke which breaks the social distancing rule. This they do on the fact that they will be on the loosing side if they should carry only one passenger in a keke that is meant for three passengers. 

That is why in my humble opinion I would like to suggest to the plateau state government to credit any keke rider that is having a functional account number and BVN on or before Saturday 18th July 2020 as a subsidy to enable them carry the government stipulated number of one passenger at a time. This singular act if done will encourage the keke riders to adhere to government directives. 

It has been noted that since after the relaxation of the lockdown, the number of Covid-19 cases in the country has been on the increase, this perhaps could be as a result of the poor implementation of social distancing rule and the use of nose mask. Therefore, I call on the state government to come to the aid of Plateau people and subsidize keke fares so that the riders will be able to pick one passenger at a time. 

What is your take on this? Thank you. 

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