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Picture Story Showing The Difference Between Working From Home Vs Office (Photos)

Since the start of the Covid19 lockdown, most organizations have decided to allow their staff to work from home to curb the virus spread. Some of the staff are now doing their work duties in their home and it seems to be very pleasing to some but not pleasing to others. Below is a picture illustration showing the difference between working from home Vs office.

1. In the workplace, you get tired of friends but at home, you try looking for someone to interact with.

2. When you go to the office you have to dress good, but at home you can save yourself the stress by wearing anything.

3. You tend to hate noise in the office but at home you may be the one who loves making noise.

4. You rush to work when going to the office but wake up anytime when working from home.

5. You try finishing up your work so you can leave the office but at home you are relaxed.

6. You may be too busy to use the social medias at work but at home you use it severally.

7. Office sometimes organises Christmas fun party but at home you seem to be lonely.

8. You may have good conversation with friends while eating in the office but at home you eat alone.

So which do you prefer, working from office or home? 

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