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The Role of Social Media in the 21st century

Social media as we all know has been a thriving industry in recent times and has placed its owners and investors on the top list of income earners more than the usual tangible products producers; Social media has greatly influence our world both positively and negatively. Social media is a networking platform for all to connect. Social media has been responsible for the global change we have experience and we are still experiencing. Social media has been responsible for the world’s unremarkable growth as nations can connect to nations via their social media application. Facebook in recent time celebrated 3.5 billion users which invariably means that more than half of the world’s population can be found on social media and as such you don’t need to visit a country to learn about the behavior of the people in that country, their lifestyle, their food, language, mode of interaction, tradition etc. Social Media has further enhanced business expansion as companies all over the world now target social market as a market to explore with billions of customers eager to hear about your product and order for them. The Covid19 pandemic saw about the increase in data consumption, the daily use of social media to maintain existing relationships with friends and family as well as the colleague, A country like Nigeria has taken into cognizance that fact that whatsapp acknowledgement of receipt of money is a receipt for which stamp duties are payable. Social media has evolved into river of resources that never runs dry as large amount of individuals earn daily from social media. It is has enhance the gospel of social media presence to the point that if you do not have a social media account your existence on earth can be doubted by many. It has further made communication easier and cheaper as you need not make use of the public phone like in ancient times or have to pay heavily for calls as you can even engaged in hours of conversation even via video calls for a fair price. Social media has gone further to boost the enhancement and earnings of telecommunication industries as online media has been the most trusted means for easy and accessible information. 

It would be wrong to state that social media is flawless as it has overtime portrayed its demerits. Social media on the other hand has provided fraudsters the necessary tools to carry out their criminal activities as guns are rarely used for robbery attacks. Social media has exposed the younger generation to a life of luxury that very few can afford as such there is a decline in morals as everyone wants to be trending on social media. Social media has also been used as a tool by terrorist to advocate their course and destroy constituted authorities than any military ‘might’ would have been able to inflict. It has become a tool of moral decadence and illicit behaviors.

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