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What to know about the trending movie, Black is king by Beyonce.

In This article am going to tell you about this particular movie Black is king.

Black is king is a Britain produced and directed by Beyonce and she started this project sometimes last year. The very revelation of the movie was actually done via the album, the music album that she dropped last year. She titled the album The Lion king and she has another little subtitle The Gift and in that album she did several collaboration with a lot of African Artist and from Nigeria we have the life of Burna boy on that one, Yemi Alade and we have our own wizkid.

For me the one she did with wizkid is the one that stood out,of course you have already know, The brown skin girl.

Since last year she has been working on the movie, she said the song she did last year, the album is just a way to walk into the movie because that is were her own passion is. She said this movie is a passion project for her and she has been researching, filming and Editing day and night for almost one year.

Talking about the settings of the movie, Black is king is actually film in difference places basically we have a lot of location coming in the movie. They used south African, They also used west African that is Ghana and Nigeria, New york, los Angeles, London and Belgium.

This movie was release on July 31 12am . let us not forget that because of covid-19 pandemic situation release of movies in cinema this days is almost like impossible, you know you can't gather a lot of people to come watch your movies, so most times what happened,those movies are release via the Internet that these movies are uploaded and then you can start watching from them whenever you are in the world.

And this streaming platform for this particular movie,is going to release on Disney plus though, Disney plus is not available in African am very sure other streaming platform will pick up before you know it by 1st of August we will able to access the movie.

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