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12 Picture Illustrations T Reflect The Effect Of COVID19 Crises On Our Lives And Environment(Photos)

Though the Covid19 pandemic isn't over yet but i would like us to reflect on how this pandemic has affected our lives and environment. Believe it or not, this pandemic has provided us many lessons and made us as an individual and also as a nation to reflect on some of the main areas that we have long ignored. So here are 12 picture illustrations in various form to show the effects of COVID19 Crises on our lives and environment.

1. Lockdown Time: The lockdown period seem to be extending because most people no longer obey the social distance rules.

2. Nature Recovering: Due to the lockdown most companies have stopped functioning and pollution has reduced hereby helping nature to recover. The Covid19 crises made us aware that due to most of our industrial practices we have for a long time ignored nature.

3. Modern Age Warrior: When we wear the face mask we tend to look like a modern age warrior. 

4. Ideas & Doubts: People say all sorts of things about the pandemic and some people still doubt if it really does exist.

5. Friends: We tend to have time for our friends since the lockdown started because most people seem not to be busy with work any longer.

6. Belly Curve: Some people are getting fat by the day because all they do is eat, play and sleep.

7. Love In The Time Of COVID-19: Families now spend time together which helps to make the bond stronger.8. Don't take me, please: Some people even though found positive do not want to go to the treatment centre. Health staff often have no choice but to push them there(centre)

9. Stay strong: Most of the positive patient quarantined have stayed strong and defeated the virus.

10. Stay home: The Government tend to force people to stay at home because some don't listen to simple instructions.

11. The Economy: The economy seems to be going down.

12. Lockdown Mood: Most times it seems so frustrating staying home all day.

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