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The Much Needed Benefit of Covid-19 That The World is Not Talking About

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 Pandemic which started in Wuhan, China towards the end of 2019, the world has been experiencing numerous losses in terms of lives and economically. The focus of governments and different global bodies have been on how to put an end to this pandemic and see the world return to normalcy. However, no one is talking about how the world has benefited immensely from the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Prior to the outbreak of the Covid-19 Pandemic, one of the global challenges that has cost the world millions of dollars has been the issue of global warming. Human activities on on earth has continued to affect the ozone layer, causing global warming and climate change. One of the activities of man on earth that has significant effect on global warming has been carbon gas emission which has been identified as wearing off the ozone later and thereby causing excessive heat.

These carbon gases are mostly generated from engines including cars and some of the factory equipments. However, with Covid-19 and the subsequent lockdown of countries and economies, many of these engines were put off. Carbon emission reduced drastically as even movement of vehicles were reduced. The stoppage of these engines and carbon gas emission means that the ozone layer have had a break or at least a high level of reduction on the amount of carbon gas that it is exposed to. If subject to study, it could be that the ozone layer has recovered to some extent within this period of Covid-19. With this, it can be seen that Covid-19 has equally contributed positively in a way, considering how much effort the world has been putting in place to tackle global warming. Although no one seems to be talking about it because we are all scared of the virus and more concerned about the lives that have been lost and our economy or normal life rather than the positive impact of the lockdown on global warming.

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