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Armed Robbers Broke Into My Household One Day and Asked Everyone to Lie Flat [Fiction]

Armed robbers broke into my household one day and asked everyone to lie flat. On Friday, July 17 evening. When I was reading news at the living room and my wife is cooking.

That day, I sent my gatekeeper to buy me some foods, and he forgot to close the door. Suddenly an armed robbers came to my house unexpected. I was reading news when I heard the gate open, I thinks it is the gatekeeper.

All I just heard is kneel down, when I was about to look up. All I saw was a gun, I immediately get down on my kneel and raised up my hands with my wife's and even the gatekeeper wife.

After gathering all they could, they decided to kill everyone one by one. My gateman was first. "What's your name?" the robber asked. "Evans Boateng", replied the gateman. Immediately he fired and killed him. Fear gripped all of them. His wife was next in line. "What's your name woman?" inquired the robbers. Shaking, she replied, "My name... is.... is.... Eli... Elizabeth." I immediately closed my eyes because i couldn't bare seeing her shot."You're lucky you bear my mom's name. I won't kill you." says one of the robber. She was so relieved. Next was me. "What's your name?" I got up and popped his collar, tucked in and replied, "my name is Peter." The robber cocked the gun and was about to fire. "Wait... wait... wait!!! I've not finished!" I shouted "My name is Peter but my friends call me Elizabeth!"

That day, the armed robbers laugh but they did not kill me but they collect my money.

Please what's so funny in my name that got them laughing?

Does they have the right to take the money after killing my gatekeeper wife?

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