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Heartbreaking: Young Man Commits Suicide After Being Wrongly Accused Of Rape By Lady (Pictures)

As rape cases keeps surfacing, so does the true or false nature behind the cases get known to the world in the long run. In the case of Izu Legend Madubueze, who was made public by his friend, "Nelson Greyhood" on twitter, it was a false accusation but, young Izu couldn't hold back the shock after being accused, hence, the suicide committed.

Late Izu Legend

According to Izu's late friend, "Izu was a promising young man, he grew his business from sewing in his house to owning a warehouse, he was smart, good and had big dreams. He couldn’t handle the whole defamation. He left this wicked world that couldn’t give him a chance to speak."

Izu's last tweet

Izu's accuser's social media handle made public with the name "Nanichianese." Upon being made public, the girl immediately locked her social media accounts. According to Izu's friend,

"This is the lady that accused my friend wrongly of rape, now my friend has committed suicide, he killed himself because he couldn’t handle the trauma, his phone kept blowing up, you didn’t give him a chance to clear his name. #justiceforizu she has locked her accounts. RIP Izu."

Izu's friend stressed the fact that, Nani who wrongly accused him didn't give him chance so say anything because, she felt she was fighting for rape victims. 

Lastly about the sad incident, Izu's friend noted that, "If you are ever tagged a rapist, even if you prove you didn't do it, it is a tag that will somehow always be there. People will always look at you somehow, especially in a country like this. Dont be quick to defame someone."

Other Chats from Late Izu regarding the rape accusation are provided below:

Some comments following the rape accusation is provided in the screenshot below:

What a sad demise. Leave a prayer for the dead.

Shouldn't rape case handlers take a chill pill upon hearing a "victim's" story? What do you all think about this?

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