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Opinion: Joy Nunieh's Case may lead to sacking of Commissioner of Police, Rivers State

Without no doubt, Joy Nunieh was not a much talk to the media before now. One of her statement concerning an alleged fraud in the NDDC has caused her to be a public sight as many now know who she is and what she represents.

The port Harcourt woman is about causing a lot of trouble for many people as the sacking of Commissioner of police roams after he allegedly called the state Governor a liar while saying that Joy Nunieh is a Criminal in an interview with Arise TV on July 17.

When the news of the statement of the commissioner of police surfaced Online, many people said that the Wike may take a step in removing the commissioner of police for allegedly calling him a liar after he said that Wike did not contact him before going to Joy's house to rescue her as he claimed.

Recall, The executive Governor of Rivers state during a press statement said that he contacted the state Commissioner of Police who told him he wasn’t aware of the operation. Vanguard Reports

In Reply to Wike's claim, Joseph debunked his claim saying that nobody including Wike called him to verify the originality of the policemen who came to arrest Joy Nunieh.

“We are aware. They came here and we endorsed their investigation activities. Nobody tried to reach me in respect of that. Ordinarily if they say I am not aware, did they try to find out from me whether I am aware or not? I endorsed their investigation activity. We were aware of their presence here.

“Nobody said he should not protect his citizen but everything should be done within the confine of the law. I am the chief law enforcement officer of the command so if you rescue your citizen, we expect you to turn her over to the police who are in a better position to protect her.” He said

His response to the drama is quite simple and understanding, but many Nigerians who saw what he said raised a controversy saying that Joy's case may lead to departing Joseph Makun from the office of the state Chief law enforcement officer since he is in different Part in the case.

Wike is yet to respond to the commissioner's statement concerning his non equal treat to the recent unsuccessful arrest which Joseph Makun claimed was legit.

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