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Man Caught With Used Sanitary Pads In Lagos

Unidentified Nigerian man had been caught by Security men on the street of Lagos, while picking up already used Sanitary Pads in Lagos State, according to a video share on YouTube.

According to a video share on YouTube, an unidentified Nigerian man was seen where he is being quarried to disclose the Location where eventually gathered already used Sanitary Pads in his hands, as confronted by the Security men, who asked him to go down, on his knees, while he was being recorded by one of the Security Men.

The man, however, seen displaying already used Sanitary Pads on the floor of a compound, as accused for always searching for already used Sanitary Pads for money ritual, until he could not utter a statement in order to know the reasons, he continue picking somebody's used sanitary pads on the streets.

The video has, however, created a lot of agitation between Social Media users, where one of the users, who don't want his name to be print, added that, the man must be release, or better still, take him for Psychiatrist Evaluation, noting that, there is nothing like money ritual, as the man isn't normal to him.

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