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33years After Dele Giwa's Death, Killers Don't Know.

About Dele Giwa, was a Nigerian journalist and co-founder of newswatch magazine who died by letter bomb rocked the Nation

A story published by TELL MAGAZINE claims that the late human right activist and lawyer Gani Fawehinmi filled at least, 32 cases and made 315 court appearances on the mysterious death of Dele Giwa.

Death is a matter of appointment which every being, consciously or unconsciously, must keep. Death is unavoidable, yet nobody wishes to die—not even the most valiant of men would embrace death so willingly. Averagely, those who commit suicide still struggle or shout for rescue before they lose their lives to the death they prepare for themselves. Deep down the heart of every man and woman, and beyond the facade of all apparent fearlessness and bravery lies the loathing and resentment for death. Indeed, Sumonu Oladele Giwa, an investigative Journalist and the founding editor-in-chief of Newswatch Magazine was not praying for death, he loved to live in peace like you and I too. He was full of life, and wanted to make the best out of life and his career like a divine calling. it was however as real as a day when one of the Nigeria's finest journalists of all time, Dele Giwa was blasted into smithereens after opening a mail bomb received from an unknown source at his residence at 25 Talabi street, Adeniyi jones, Ikeja lagos. The brave journalist reportedly died at 12:27pm in First Foundation Hospital, Opebi Ikeja as a result of the severe injuries sustained.

33years after the muckraking Dele died, his assassination has become one of the most high profile cold cases in the country, rivalling, perhaps, by the assassination of the then Nigeria’s Federal Minister of Justice, Bola Ige. Over the years, Dele Giwa's death has floated across the hallway of time and sadly has become a cautionary tale for journalists who really wish to undertake their career in a risky society like Nigeria’s, and relevant sensitisation to those in the pursuit of truth, sincerity and freedom. His untimely death was a big blow to Nigerian journalism—a pain and waste of country’s pride that can never be forgotten. On this day Dele Giwa son reportedly received a parcel at their residence on behalf of his father and gave it to him. According to several reports, an envelope was on the parcel and written on it was "from the office of the C-IN-C (commander in chief)" with an instruction that only the addressee should open it. After his son had left him, Dele Giwa tried to open the parcel and the bomb blasted off. He was rushed to the hospital where he finally passed away. Consequently, there have been several attempts to find out the sender of the killer-parcel received by Dele Giwa, but all attempts have failed amidst obvious conspiracies and stone wall blockades. A story published by TELL MAGAZINE claims that the late human right activist and lawyer Gani Fawehinmi filled, at least, 32 cases and made 315 court appearances on the mysterious death of Dele Giwa.

The yet unanswered question, "Who killed Sumonu Oladele "Baines" Giwa?" could be a proof that justice delayed is justice denied. The mystery behind the assassination and death of Nigeria's most foremost investigative journalist is a bitter reminder that justice is nothing but a 7-letter word in Nigeria. To Giwa's killers, be sure of one thing: if you have really found a hiding place from Giwa’s Family and Nigerians, you can never find a place to hide from the eye of God. In no distant time your seemingly formidable cocoon will wear out and your secret will be opened to the daylight. For according to GEORGE LAMMING in his classical novel, IN THE CASTLE OF MY SKIN “God can see the blackest ant on the blackest piece of coal on the blackest night.”

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