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47 Year Old Man Arrested For Impregnating His 16 Year Old Daughter Says He Would Not Advice Abortion

The rate at which illicit and immoral conduct spreads in today's society is no doubt alarming, even though there are a lot of critcism and campaigns against them, it seems not to yield any positive result. This fact is evident in the increasing number of recent rape rate even though attempts to curb it has proved to be in vain.

In the light of saddening event occuring, it has been reported that a 47-year-old man in person of one Eromosele Mahmud, has been apprehended by the police force in Rivers for allegedly impregnating his own 16-year-old daughter after forcing himself on the innocent girl for a whole five years; He's been having canal knowledge of her since she was 12 years of age. How mysterious and jaw dropping !

The young girl in a recorded statement said whenever she protested against her father’s inhumane and cruel intentions, he would beat her and stop paying her school fees and also punish her. “It was my father who impregnated me; he started having sex with me when I was 12-year-old till now. The first time he came and lay with me on the bed, when I tried to scream, he told me to shut up that my mates were doing the same thing and anytime I refused to allow him, he would not buy anything for me and he would refuse to pay my school fees.” The young girl said.

The father on the other end insisted, where he tried to put the blame on the girl, he said "I don’t rape her regularly; it happens once or twice in a year; she used to be very cooperative, even when I don’t want it, she tries to force herself on me. This is a battle i have tried to fight over the years and it seems to be much bigger than me. I am not going to withdraw any fact or truth as far as this case is concerned. If this is the only way my daughter can be liberated if I go to prison, then it is good. My happiness is that i am relieved even as I speak to you now. 

“I can’t really remember when it started, but like I told you, it’s more of a spiritual thing. It is very unusual for a father to be sleeping with his own daughter. I am not a party to abortion, so whatever it is, the social welfare people and other government officials involved in this matter know the best way to handle this pregnancy; as a father, I cannot support abortion for my daughter, what if anything happens to her in the process.

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