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An Okada Rider Whose Motorcycle Was Allegedly Seized, Held On Tight To The Police Man Who Seized It.

Motorcycle business has really been halted in Lagos State Nigeria, it all began in February,2020 when the government led by His Excellency Gov. Babajide Sanwo-Olu

The executive Governor of Lagos State, issued a ban of motorcycle in some axis of the State, with effect from February 1st, 2020.

Some days ago, he issued another directive for the total ban of motorcycle carrying people anywhere in Lagos, except for those using motorcycle for dispatch businesses.

Since this instruction was given, there has been total compliance by riders in Ikorodu especially at Ikorodu Roundabout, Benson Bus-stop and Sagamu Road as commercial motorcycles popularly called ‘Okada Rider’ and tricycles popularly called ‘Keke NAPEP’ or ‘Keke Marwa’ kept off the axis.

Same applies to Agric bus-stop, Ogolonto and Ipakodo where activities of Okada and Keke NAPEP were not noticed.

This was in compliance with the State government restriction order on their activities.

A devastated Okada rider was seen and filmed today by a man who went to pump the tyre of his bicycle at a vulcanizer's shop. He narrated that the rider's motorcycle was seized by a police officer, who demanded from the rider the sum of N20,000 (Twenty Thousand Naira) before he would release the motorcycle to him or he forfeits his motorcycle

Immediately, the man held him and asking that passerbys help him in begging the Police officer to release his motorcycle, he held the officer so tightly as one saying this is all I have to feed myself and my family with, please give me back my motorcycle.

The incident was said to have happened at Liasu road area of Ikotun, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Seriously, I wonder how all these men would be coping with their families. I remember one of the rider who carried one night, I was going home, complained so bitterly of how the police seized his motorcycle and demanded that he brings N10,000 (Ten Thousand Naira) before his motorcycle would be released to him. He said he had to go and borrowed the money, paid them before his motorcycle was released to him, he wasn't riding along the road but in the inner streets and that's where they came to seize it. Opay has announced that they've suspended their Ocar, Otrike and Oride business until further notice, all that is a job loss for many people.

What you be saying to the government of Lagos State, they were to be reading this? What has your experience been without motorcycle and tricycle in Lagos?

Watch the video here

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