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3 Career Lessons Everyone Must Learn From The Legendary Hushpuppy

Hushpuppy is still on trial with the FBI Interpol and we are hoping that things don't go bad for him. He's pleaded not guilty at the moment and we are hoping he will pull through as time goes on.

However, there are 3 career lessons everyone must learn from him:

- you can make it if you put your brain to use in the right way. Hushpuppy is brainy and that has helped him climb up from the ghetto, but he used it wrongly. Everyone must learn from that.

- nothing shady lasts long. Hardwork pays nine hundred and ninety nine ways. Never chase the get rich quick scheme. You will not always be lucky.

- we must stop putting our country on the map for the wrong reasons. He had done that and his stupid act will haunt many Nigerians for a while.

Hushpuppy will go down as a legend when it comes to crime. Let's try everything possible to avoid following his footsteps. A bad egg to the country.

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