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Lessons to learn from the death of the 29 years old man who showed his friend #13million Alert

Lesson to learn from the death of the 29 years old man who was recently revealed, he was allegedly killed and beheaded by his friend in Auchi.

I will always advice people to learn how to keep a secret to themselves. Not everybody deserves to know everything about you no matter how much they mean to you, people pretend a lot sometimes it's the people you love and trust the most turn out to be the people that you can trust the least. Just because they are your friends or because you guys work at the same place, drink and eat together, laugh, greet, hug doesn't mean they want to see you happy, "yes I get it! you might be real to them but you will not know what they thoughts of you.

Just like a case of a young man named Moses a 27 years old who confessed how he allegedly stabbed and killed his friend out jealous, early this year(2020) .

According to veritable source on how Moses a 27 years old man a native of Auchi,was a friend to Nwachukwu a native of Isiala mbano, Imo state, Nigeria and a colleague at one table water company where they were working in Auchi ,Edo state. Nwachukwu showed Moses a latter that his elder brother had sent to him the sum of #13million to complete his housing projects after which Moses posse's Nwachukwu's phone and ATM card ,which he took to some internet fraudster in the same Auchi who helped him to withdrew #2.2 million from Nwachukwu's account. Before then he had already killed and beheaded his so called friend and dragged his lifeless body inside a bush close to their company, where they work, so that people would not be able to recognize him.

According to his confession: 

Nwachukwu showed me the alert of #13 million his elder brother sent to him, saying that he would be travelling to his village to carry out the building project. I felt jealous and decided to get rid of him and steal the money.

So, the day before Nwachukwu travelling ,we were on the same shift at work, I lured him outside the company, stabbed him with a knife, killed and dragged him into a bush and beheaded him so people will not recognize him easily.

According to investigation reports :

It was revealed that Nwachukwu lifeless body was found by the police in Auchi but no body could be able to trace his identity, so he was taken to the mortuary. The sudden disappearance of Nwachukwuk kept his elder brother who is in South Africa and his other relatives in shock. Which his elder brother later send a report to the Police, Inspector General Of Police ,Adamu Muhammad through a written petition, before investigation and research begins by the police of Nigeria. All thanks to God they were are able to trace and track the suspect (Moses) and his gang.

Content created and supplied by: Nobletina (via Opera News )

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