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A pandemic of monumental consequence ; Rape and sexual assault .

All rape and sexual assault is injurious . The terms " Rape and sexual assault " are used simply to differentiate between the two types of offense , so what is the difference ?

Rape is when a person intentionally penetrate s another Virgina, anus, or with a penis without the other person's consent . Assault by penetration is when a person penetrate another person's Virgina or anus With any part of the body other than a penis or by using an object without the person's consent.

The overall definition of sexual or indecent assault is an act of physical , psychological and emotional violation in the form of a sexual act inflicted on someone without their consent .it can involve forcing or manipulating someone to witness or participating in any sexual acts.

Not all cases of sexual assault involved violence , cause physical injury or leave visible marks on their victim . Sexual assault can cause severe distress , emotional harm and injurious which can't be seen ------ all of which can take a long time to recover from . this is why we use the term " assault " and such report is treated as seriously as those of violent physical attacks .

Common myths about Rape

It is widely thought that in most cases of rape the offender is a stranger. The truth is that majority of people who commits rape know their victims and in some cases are relatives , friends , associates or work colleagues.Rape within marriage and relationship can also occur if your partner or husband forced you into having sex with them without your consent is also rape .

You are not to blame

Sometimes people are afraid to speak to the police because they were voluntarily taking drugs or drinking alcohol before the offense happen thinking that this can jeorpadise their case.Sometimes they have little or no recollection of what has happened,they may have a criminal record and worry that the authorities won't treat them fairly, they might be worried that no one will believe them, in conclusion let all stand against rape and report any incident of rape and sexual assault to the appropriate authorities with immediate effect , remember do not stigmatized !

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