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Rapists Are In Trouble: 14 Years Imprisonment Not Enough, Get Convicted, Suffer This All Your Life.

The way rape cases are rising in Nigeria is alarming. The number skyrocketed during this lockdown caused by outbreak of Corona virus pandemic. It's normal to note that rapists are all over the world. Hence, it's not only in Nigeria or Africa that we witness such act. It's universal, and in some cases, celebrities are involved.

Some suggested that rape activities increase since ladies started wearing "nonsense" inform of clothes. Ladies especially the African folk in an attempt to imitate the westerners tend to go beyond the extreme in what ever they imitate. Some wears clothes that looks highly seductive and merry-go-round the street. At times, you see ladies walking on the street that you would not need any eyeglasses to see that they are necked.

But the real men who understand the integrity they represent can not be moved so extremely by mere seductive dresses. Even if the urge comes, they control themselves.

Let's us understand that it's not only male that rape. Female rape male. This type I can't explain the reason.

Regrettably, rape is barbaric and evil. No matter what leads to it, it's condemnable and should be prohibited. It's completely evil and ominous.

The inherent dangers in rape and it's related activities are enormous. The victims at times injure each other. In some cases, the female involve gets pregnant. At times, dangerous sexually transmitted diseases are interchanged. Some its activities lead to instant death. Most girl children have been deflowered during rape.

It's just bad and evil.

However, some ladies do fabricate rape case in other to wicked some young men. This is the highest of the whole evil. Why should some ladies indulge in such inhumane act?

Be it as it may, rape is barbaric no matter the form it presents its ugly face. This is the very reason why Kano State House of Assembly is pushing to pass into law castration of a convicted rapist. See the deliberation below;

"The Kano State House of Assembly has begun a process to further amend the State’s Penal Code amendment (No.12), Law of 2014 to provide for castration as punishment for rape in the state.

The Assembly took the decision following a motion presented on Wednesday by a member, Nuraddeen Alhassan (APC-Rano), seeking for the review of the law.

In a plenary presided over by the Speaker, Abdulazeez Gafasa, the lawmakers were unanimous in the decision.

Mr Alhassan, who called for the review of the law to further reflect a harsher punishment for rapists in the state, said the present 14 years jail punishment was not enough."

Castration according to dictionary means the act of removing the testicle. Terribly!

What is your opinion on this move by Kano law makers? Is rape enough reason for castration? What if a lady rapes a guy? Difficult questions. Let hear your opinion. Remember to share too.

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