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The new lowkey lifestyle of Yahoo boys in Lagos

Yes we all know Yahoo boys ,A.k.a Gee boys, scammers, fraudsters, with the current raid state wide as put the scammers in fear and due to insecurity they are all trying to acquire an apartment in a gated community, so as to be alerted before the Police get into the community.

Others have gone to the worst of the neighbouring hoods, where people don't even care.. a gee boy worth 2m can rent a self contain apartment for 50k, they go to the most remote areas now places the police won't think to go to, places like isale iju ,like isale fagba

I know of a yahoo boy who went all the way to live near a canal the one in between Inu and ojudu, honestly they don't care about the environment anymore..some use their cars to entice ladies that have apartments so they can live with them. This way the police interceptor won't be able to detect anything, With corruption everywhere in the world , I accept nigeria is the most current.

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