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THROWBACK: Three (3) People Once Stole Coca-Cola Secret Recipes and Contacted Pepsi to Sell it

While many may not know or remember this story,it is well interesting that you now know it. A true life story and experience that happened in 2006,we can't actually predict human behavior or thoughts.

Fourteen years ago, a Coca-cola employee tried to sell Coca-Cola's top secret documents to Pepsi and these documents involved trades and recipes of the brand. The recipe for Coca-Cola is said to be the company's most guarded secret and has been seen by only two people.

©Secret Recipe Vault-Coca Cola Archives

A woman named 'Joya Williams' who is a top employee of the Coca-cola company had been exposed to sensitive emails,messages ,secret and classified documents due to her position as the administrative assistant to the Global Head of Marketing.

She however wasn't contented and was disappointed by her poor salary of $50k per year,which she feels wasn't fair to her. Then she formulated a plan to bring down the company.

She contacted a man named 'Edmund Duhaney',who just served a prison sentence on drugs charges. Joya Williams then told him about her plan as she possessed top secret and classified Coca-Cola documents that would certainly worth a fortune.

Duhaney then introduced her to a friend 'Ibrahim Dimson' whom he had met in prison and he is to pose as the middle man for their plans. Ibrahim Dimson later sent a letter posing as a Coca-cola employee under the alias “Dirk" to a Senior employee at Pespi (in an official Coca-Cola envelope) purportedly claiming to possess documents with “extremely confidential” trade secrets.

©Drafted illustration of the letter

Two weeks later, a call came from a suspected PepsiCo worker called "Jerry," much to the delight of Joya Williams and Dimson. He was interested and wanted Dimson to provide proof for his claims.

Dimson who then faxed 14 pages of Coca-Cola documents to Jerry with nearly all pages labelled "confidential material" or "classified-highly restricted" and told Jerry that he had to wire money to a bank account to prove that he was a serious partner.

Jerry later transferred $5,000 to prove that he is serious about the deal. Joya Williams started extracting documents from the coffars of the company as they prepare to hit the jackpot with a $1.5 million deal in exchange for the classified documents.

In June 2006, Joya Williams, Ibrahim Dimson and Edmund Duhaney were all arrested on charges of wire fraud and unlawfully possession,stealing and selling trade secrets. Jerry wasn't a Pespi employee but a FBI Special Agent sent to the undercover investigation.

Unknown to Williams and co, Pespi promptly forwarded the letter sent by the fraudsters to Coca-Cola and also informed them that someone was leaking their classified documents. The Coca-Cola contacted the FBI to conduct an undercover investigation to know who the leaker was.

According to what PespsiCo Spokesman said at that time ,he revealed that "Competition can be fierce but it should be fair and legal" and that they made the right decision as a responsible company.

Modern companies have to learn from this because 14 years ago, Pespi didn't think twice before turning down the deal.

Source: NYtimes

Did Pespi make the right call?

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