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17 Years Old Gang-Raped And Burned Alive!

17-Year-Old Gang-Raped, Burned Alive In Tripura

A 17-year-old girl held captive and raped for months by her boyfriend and her friends died soon after she was brought to a hospital here with serious burn injuries early this morning. The girl suffered 90 % burns after being set on fire by her boyfriend.


Police said the girl was rescued by the neighbours of the accused who took her to the GB pant hospital and they added that the girl was held captive for ransom by her boyfriend for two months.

As the news of the girl's death spread, a mob gathered and thrashed the accused youth and his mother, who was taken there by the people who had rescued the victim.

Police said the girl met the accused on the social media, eloped with him just after Diwali when the youth visited her home and proposed marriage. They claimed that the accused then allegedly forcibly detained her for ransom that she was raped by him and his friends.

Law and Order of Northeast state Tripura are in peril. In last one week, four minor girls were raped whereas the last incident took place yesterday when a kidnapped girl was brutally gang-raped and finally burnt in the fire. Tripura has become the most unsafe place for girls and women in the country. Reports say that the minors girls here are the

When the whole country was talking about the encounter of four criminals of Hyderabad rape and murder case, a girl was been raped brutally, suffering to death, in a small corner place of the Country, Tripura. A girl from Kalyanpur allegedly raped and murdered by a person named Ajay Rudrapal and his friends. She was been kidnapped for more than two months, raped continuously and then murdered by setting alive on fire.

"Rape Culture" in Tripura is increasing every day but the Govt is least bothered about minimizing the increasing crime against women.

The report says minor girls are the highest victim of rapes. It came to know that, the criminal Ajay Rudrapal from Shatirbazar Subdivision, kidnapped a 17-year-old girl two months ago from the place called Ghaniyamar, Kalyanpur. Kept her at his home and continuously raped her, tortured her physically. Lastly after raping her with friends he with his family set her alive on fire. After fighting with death for the whole night at GB hospital, the victim lost her life in the hospital bed in the morning.

Tripura is becoming the most unsafe place of the country. When the whole country is appreciating the step of encountering four Criminals of Hyderabad gangrape, People of Tripura are condemning over the failure of Tripura Police and the BJP Govt as they fail to provide the least security to the women of this state.

In the monthly crime record release Tripura Police are not releasing crime rates on women and how many rape cases or sexual assault cases were registered are not known to the public.

Reportedly, 240 rapes, 117 minor girls' rapes, 3 murders after rapes' cases were registered from 2018 April to 2019 July month. But the data was released in national media but not by police.

One more rape incident has been reported from Gandacha, where a minor girl, age of 12 was allegedly raped by one Rabi Miah of Haripur under Ampi PS. FIR was lodged against Rabi Miah, son of Lt. Ahmed Ali, arrested.

On the other side, a minor girl was brutally raped at Longtarai Valley's Manughat Block-Tilla area. The incident took place on Saturday night in the house of the minor victim girl itself. Accused Subhankar Saha committed the crime when everyone was sleeping after a marriage programme at the house.

Out of the massive screaming of the victim, the family members woke up and caught the rapist red-handed.

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