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See what an insane Woman Did to a young boy! (Fiction)

Many times I question myself if the insane people in Nigeria are faking their condition.

At times they behave like they are alright, while most times they behave insane and they do things that could shock you.

Of recent,

An insane woman who stays normally at my street acted in a strange way

Her money is normally kept in front of her, the money she begs from pedestrian. She guilds this money with her life and could kill for it.

If any one should come close to her, she believes you are after her money and tends to attack.

A little boy who stays around the area with his parents were on a walk, but this boy not knowing the condition of the woman, went close to her.

Normally, a child is usually scared of a mad person. But for this kid the case is the opposite, he was fearless. I just watched him go close to the woman without fear.

His item fell close to this mad woman and he was after it. But when the woman thought he was coming for her money, she attacked the boy.

The insane woman quickly took her money and held the boy by his cloths, dragging his hands and strangling his neck.

But then, there was an intervention by people around. If not for them the boy would have probably been killed.

After he was rescued, the mad woman was chased from her normal position. Although she put up a good fight with the men, but it was to no avail.

After seeing the incident, I expected her to walk away from the people chasing her . But she carefully packed her items she normally keep with her, arranged her stuff like a normal person and walked away.

Do you think she is possessed?

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