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My Daughter Leaves The House Every Night, See What I Caught Her Doing (fiction)

Having a family is beautiful , having children in it is amazing.

We should always try our best to give our children the best Training we can ever give .

A woman cries out ;

I am a lady with two children, a boy and a girl

I take care of the home and I am very busy due to the nature of my job . So because of that I don't have time for my children ,I do come home late .

My first daughter is 15yrs old while my son is 13yrs old . I love them so much .

We stay in a self contain because of financial issue so we all share a room .

I do notice that my daughter always enter the house at exactly 5am every morning and when I ask her she will tell me that she went out to urinate.

On one of those night I felt this urge to urinate when I woke up I didn't see my daughter in the room again. I was so scared I thought she have been kidnapped so I checked the toilet and outside but I couldn't find her then I entered inside my house crying,I could no longer exactly 5am she entered the house then I hugged her and ask where she went,she gave me that same lie again that she went out to urinate .

The next day I told my friend what Happened she advised me to follow her up .

The next night I pretended that I was asleep then I saw my daughter tip toed out of the house ,I immediately followed her secretly,then I saw my 15yrs old daughter entering a man's car by that time.

I went back home and waited for her to come home , when she finally entered the house I asked where she went and she liked to me that she went to urinate.

After beating her she cried and told me that she normally go to a man house who sleeps with her and give her money and also care and give her attention.

She later took me to his house,then I arrested him .

After hearing from my daughter,I cried deeply in my heart because I know that I have failed my daughter.

What is your take on this ?

Do well to drop your comments.

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