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See Prison Where Inmates Are Kept In A Coffin

If you think Nigerian prisons are deadly and brutal then you need to visit the Urga, Mongolia prison, where prisoners are kept in a very small coffin.

Prisons were not meant to provide comfort nor luxury but some prisons have taken their brutality beyond what humans could bear, in as much the government provided prisons for locking up people who went against the law or had committed punishable crimes, there ought to be certain limit to how prisoners are being treated.

There are prisons where inmates lives next to hell, the brutality their go through are horrible. some countries have strict laws and had developed prisons where people who go against those laws get punish and imprisoned for years in an unbearable environment.

This might sound strange to you but it's real, there are prisons where inmates lives in a coffin box's for years, they defecate, eat and sleep in the coffin till they die or their sentence runs out.

In this article you will read about some of these prions, even in the Era of modernized world some prisons still practice ancient method of punishments.

1. Urga, Mongolia Prison

Mongolian Urga prison are known for their harsh treatment and cruel punishment, in the urga prison is a double palisade of unpeeled timbers with space of about ten feet square upon which opens doors of small rooms, almost dark. In these dungeons are piled wooden boxes, four feet long by two and one-half feet high. These coffins are the prisoners’ cells.

Poor people usually get lengthy terms with heavy chains on their hands buckled together, they got fed only when the jailer remembered to give them food. Their mode of feeding is somewhat horrible as their meals got pushed In through a small hole of about six-inch hole at the side of the coffin.

Mostly the prisoners lose the use of their limbs, which shrink and shrivel away. The agony of their cramped position is beyond the power of words to describe.

Although the nation has developed somewhat since it ceased to be a Soviet satellite state in the early 1990s, its prison system is still trapped in the mists of time. Today, the poorest members of the society are badly treated with lengthy sentences given for seemingly minor.

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