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Armed Robbers Become Powerless When You Do These Three Things To Your House

I'm writing this article to present solution for the people who are complaining about domestic thief disturbance in area.

Some have hired local security for a very long time due to the constant activities of domestic thief in their matrimonial home but no change.

If they steal their phones through window today, you will hear another thief have sneaked through rear ceiling and packed up all their electronics in the house before returning back from work place tomorrow. Despite all the money they are paying for local security they hired. Even some have complained that they have packed all their domestic animals.

After all the complains, Lamentations and hiring of security with no positive result. I decided to make my own research on what I can do to rescue my people from domestic thief that stealing their properties.

These are the outcome of my research.

1. I want you to note this, whether you are building house for your own use or for renting. You must hire iron benders to construct iron net and placed it on every rooms immediately after you finish roofing of your house before the installation of ceiling. So that nobody can sneak into your house through ceilings, whether in your presence or absence.

2. If you want to cover your house with fence, try to make it be opened one. Covered fence always assist domestic thief to work perfectly because nobody will see or perceive anything till they finished packing all the properties in the house. But when you do opened fence, your neighbor will be seeing all the activities in your house whenever you are not around.

3. The last thing I can advise you to do is installation of CCTV cameras to both in and out of the house. Even if anybody dare comes to your house for stealing, CCTV camera will covered his face and take record of his movement so that you will be able to trace him when you have interest to get your properties back.

After all these aforementioned tricks don't forget to handover everything for Almighty God who have capacity of securing everything including yourself the owner of the property.

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