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See the price of the allegedly Doors that prevented policemen from arresting Joy Nunieh (Photos)

Is no longer a new bell notification that the Former Managing Director of the Interim Committee of the Niger-Delta Development Commission, Joy Nunieh, was saved by her state Governor from being arrested by some acclaimed policemen in Rivers state. 

According to Joy Nunieh while speaking about how the mix drama went on in her house located at old GRA, Rivers state.

She said that the policemen forcefully broke her gate and made way inside her house premises around 4 am and told her that they came with the instruction of the inspector General of Police, that she will be arrested.

She requested for an arrest warranty which they didn't provide before her and she struggled making her way inside the house and fought dragging her Door with the policemen which she closed finally.

According to her, the policemen tried making their way into her house but couldn't and they didn't succeed because of the Door placed in both entrance of her house.

“The CP asked that I send him my address and which I did and then I saw the cars come in. So, I asked if that was the CP, and they said no. Fortunately, I was just wise enough. I stayed by the door, and they wanted to drag me, so I just banged the door, so they can’t come in." She said.

We made a research and we got the detailed information concerning the alleged door that helped in saving Joy Nunieh from been arrested by the acclaimed force men.

The alleged Door is called Mahogany Prehung Door.

Mahogany which is made from FSC-certified Brazilian mahogany (Cedro Arana), a sustainably sourced tropical hardwood. The door features a speakeasy hatch in place of a peephole, and a distressed finish with iron accents. According to Safewise.

It is estimated to cost 386,000 Naira for just one. 

Considering the fact that the country is facing security challenges, Joy Nunieh made way to have two of those Purported doors placed in two entrance of her house and it really helped her not considering that she spent close to 800,000 naira in making purchase of the Doors.

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