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No fear of God again, see what a man did to his best friend

Wisdom Nwachukwu and Moses Moses were not only colleagues at a bottled water factory in Auchi, Edo state, but also close friends. It was Moses who allegedly fasted one on Nwachukwu and cruelly ended the life of his friend for N13m.

It was learned that Nwachukwu Moses was showing a 13 million Naira transfer that his South African-based brother had sent him to undertake a construction project on his behalf in their hometown of Imo.

While they were both working at night, Moses Nwachukwu allegedly lured him to an abandoned place near the company, killed him, and escaped with his phone and bank card.

He allegedly brought the telephone and ATM card to Internet fraudsters in Auchi who helped him withdraw 2.2 million naira from Nwachukwu's account.

It was learned that the Nwachukwu family was worried as they did not see him or could reach him by phone.

As a result, a missing person case was reported to the police and a petition was sent to Inspector General Adamu Mohammed, who tasked the intelligence team to investigate the incident.

IRT agents reportedly tracked some of Moïse's POS transactions with the Nwachukwu bank card in the Benin City, Ore and Auchi areas of Edo state and arrested him at a hotel where he was hiding.

“During questioning, he confessed to the crime and got agents to arrest some internet fraudsters, Yusuf Sagiru, Tony Bright, Terence Okochukwu and a businessman, Jahswill Ogbonnaya, who helped him remove a total of 6 million naira in the bill, “said the police.

Moses, 27, who is from Auchi, spoke to City Round during the week and said he committed the crime of greed and complained that his friend's spirit has been persecuting him ever since he had been killed.

He said, “I work in a mineral water company in the Abely area of Auchi and have worked for the company for four years. When Nwachukwu found a job in the factory, it was I who taught him how to use machines, and we became close friends.

“When Nwachukwu worked in the company in January 2020, he told me about his brother who lives in South Africa and how he sent him money to build a house for him. He showed me a N13m message that his brother had just sent him and that he would go to their village to complete the project.

“I was jealous of him and decided to steal the money. I tricked him, got his password and examined him. I found the pen on his ATM card and the On January 8, when we were both on duty, I pulled him out of the company and stabbed him with a knife. “

Moses, a mechanical engineering graduate, said he pulled Moses' body out of the bush and cut off his head so that people could not easily recognize the victim.

He added: “I buried him and took his bank card to some crooks. I gave it to someone who hacked the account and stole N2.2 m. I had problems with Yusuf. Because he and his gang members wanted to cheat on me.

“I have stayed in several hotels in Ore and Benin City and had a great time with women. My friend's mind started to bother me. Whenever I wanted to sleep, his spirit appeared to me and cried. I regret my actions now. “

One of the arrested accomplices, Ogbonnaya, 29, said he helped transfer N1m from the Nwachukwu account to Lagos via an Alhaji who collected N 400,000 in commission.

Ogbonnaya, originally from Arochukwu, Abia state and a computer graduate, said he used a money transfer app to perfect the Fraud

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