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If You Were Offered 500 Thousand Naira Monthly To Do These Jobs, Would You Still Do It?

Getting a job and earning a living is getting hard these days. The numbers of jobs available is most likely more than the number of people looking for job.

It is a case of the survival of the not just the fittest but the smartest and the most determined.

Some jobs are very comfortable because it have some benefit like being the manager or a chairman of a company but some jobs have a lot of risks and only few people like going for those jobs.

1. Being a Bodyguard:

As a bodyguard, you job is to put your employer's life before your own. You have to be able to protect your employer from danger, even if it means putting your life at risk. Some bodyguards are were paid but would you still consider doing it even if you are to be paid 500 thousand naira a month.

Picture of a body guard for illustration

2. Police Officers: police officers have the job of maintaining law and order in the society.they have the job of chasing criminals who won't willing surrender themselves easily and most times face danger. Would still do it if you are 500 thousand naira a month.

Picture of police officers for illustration

3. Army: They are nation's defense against attacks from terrorists or other nations. They are Known to fight wars and other terrorists groups putting their lives in danger. Would you do it if you are offered 500 thousand naira a month.

Picture of Nigerian Army for illustration

4. Mortician: these are people who are working in a morgue. A morgue is a place where dead people are kept temporarily before they are buried. Mortician most times wash corpses and embalm them. A Mortician daily routine is most times about dead bodies. Would you still do it if you are offered 500 thousand a month.

A picture of a mortician for illustration

If you are offered 500k a month to do this any of the jobs listed above would you do it? Let's know in the comments section.

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