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Theft robbery

The true story of the most notorious and deadly armed robber in Nigeria

In December 1986, during the regime of the former Nigeria head of state, general Ibrahim Babangida, in the then Bendel state, what Nigerian never expected occurred. A boy who was born in a town which is 30km away from Benin city, who later became a notorious and deadly armed robber was apprehended.

He was popularly known as 'the law' while his legal name was 'Lawrence Anini Nomoyagbon'. Lawrence Anini was the most infamous and deadly armed robber in the 1980's to the extent that it became a national threat.

Anini was a former driver and transporter who later became a frightful and deadly criminal. He was working for the God-fathers before he started off his own gang as car-hijacker , bus-robber and to the substantial robbery of Banks.

The name, Anini, would sent shiver down the spine of Nigerians during his time. He robbed and killed, especially policeman in uniform whether they got on his way or they do not got on his way. By the end of the year, 1986, Anini had killed over nine police officers.

In an operation in August, 1986, Anini's robber gang broke into the hall of the First bank in Sabon Gida Ora and made away with two-thousand naira(#2000.00) and killed many people in the scene of the robbery operation. In the same year, September 1986, Anini hijacked Peugeot 504 which belonged to Albert Otoe, the assistant inspector general of police (AIGP) and killed the driver of the car. A day after, Anini hijacked another Peugeot 504 beside former FEDECO office in Benin city. Two days later, Anini killed two police officers

that same month, three different attacks erupted and Frank Uroarumi, the former employee of the Nigeria observe newspaper, he killed Remi Sobanjo and hijacked Mercedes Benz which belonged to Ugheli monarch, Ovie.

Anini attacked a gas station and carted away their enormous gas sales. In October 1, 1986, which happened to be the independence day of Nigeria, the commissioner of police was ambushed. Although he was not killed, he sustained injury. That same day, Anini executed the Benin-based doctor and he subsequently robbed Argbor branch of the African inter-continental bank and carted away forty-six thousand naira(#46000.00).

Afterwards, Anini became a Father-christmas on the following day, spraying money everywhere in the market.

Consequently, Anini loomed bigger compared to the likes of Dr. Oyenusi, the most deadly armed robber in Nigeria. He spearheaded four months reign of violence and terror and even threatened the government.

In response to that threatening, the then head of state, general Ibrahim Babangida, ordered a massive military men and policemen to hunt against the notorious armed robber, Anini.

All Nigerians were in extreme apprehension of the robbers and the daredevil Anini.

On the long run, Anini was apprehended in December 1986, he was caught hiding under his bed like a rat averting the owner of a room. He was apprehended in the inner room of his house with some girls.

All days are for the thieves and one day is for the owner, as an aphorism denotes. Lawrence Anini was apprehended eventually despite his preceding power of invincibility.

One day, the looters of Nigeria's fund will be apprehended, I speculated, hiding under their beds. I believe you understand my allegory.

Anini who terrorised the whole states of Nigeria and her counterparts with his sidekick Monday osunbor, became remorseful and started confessing his wrong doings.

In passing Anini's judgement, the judge remarked, "Anini will be remembered in the history of crime in Nigeria but it will be unblessed memory". That was the judge's exact remark. The execution took place in March 29, 1987.

Most people did condemn him because what he did was unlawful. But what might have led him into this criminal act? Is it bad governance, poverty, lack of home training or greediness? Whichever you think it is, I would like to you to drop it in the comment section.

If it happened to be poverty, then the armed robbers terrorising our community must have been linked to the similar cause.

What has the government done to stop people from going into this act?

Section 383(1) of the criminal code act stated that, "a person who fraudulently takes anything capable of being stolen, or fraudulently converts to his own use or any other person anything capable of being stolen, is said to steal that thing". Whether one use gun or pen to convert what is not one's to one's , one has committed the unlawful act of stealing.

I implore every youth not to go into this act because the one that perpetrated this act end up being apprehended and executed.

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