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Nigerian youths and internet fraud

Yahoo Yahoo and the future of Nigerian youths

It is so sad how internet fraud and taken over the world as a whole. Internet fraud is on the rise and it seems Nigerian youths are at the fore front in it. Recently hushpuppi who is known as one of the major yahoo boys was arrested by the FBI and is currently on trial.

Our youths has now seen internet fraud popularly called yahoo yahoo as the only way forward. They have seen it as a get rich quick scheme and have therefore plunged themselves into it. It So pathetic that a boy as young as 12 years is already into fraud. 

The effect of yahoo on our youths is so damaging that it has made our youths loose interest in learning a skill and working with their hands. It has also led to increase in ritual killings.

But as it is said, everything that has a beginning also has an end. What will be the fate of Nigerian youths when yahoo yahoo comes to an end?

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