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"I did what I did and I'm not sorry"- Lady who caused Izu to commit suicide updates her Twitter Bio

The story making rounds on the internet is that of a man who was allegedly falsely accused of rape and has committed suicide after frantically trying to know who the accuser was and also to settle the issue.

The case which was brought to Twitter has brought so much condemnation on the lady after the said man, Izu committed suicide. Subsequent to his demise, she locked her Instagram page and also made her Twitter page private. What has enraged people is the fact that after everything she went ahead to update her Twitter Bio with, "I did what I did and I'm not sorry."

A Twitter user has this to say, "Someone was accused of nonphysical sexual assault and added to a list of rapists. The young man pleaded with the curator of said list to tell him who his accuser was, the curator refused. The young man has committed suicide and the curator has locked her account."

Another Twitter user had this to say, "In reality, twitter has become a place to falsely accuse and everyone sides the accuser! This would have been avoided. Although if anyone speaks against such he might be tagged Rape apologist by our Doctor friend who dresses like a rice seller with his shirt button always open."

Below are screenshots of reactions and what she has happened so far. Don't forget to follow this page for more updates.

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