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See Why This Lady Allegedly Says Men Are Disturbing Her Maids in Bourdillon Courts Estate

It is no news that maids have become a necessity in so many Nigerian homes. Especially in a home where the wives have to work to support their husbands. The women get so busy with the daily jobs that they are barely able to care for their household, this is why the sudden rise in maid need is happening.

It is, however, hilarious when one of a female resident in Bourdillon allegedly sent out a communication in a group chat containing other residents accusing the men in the estate of getting involved romantically with her maids, according to her, she has relieved two maids of their jobs already from negligence to their jobs.

I have personally lived in an area too where a man, name withheld, specializes in deceiving unintending maids and getting involved with them romantically and when these girls become pregnant, they are unable to mention his name for fear of being ignored or not taken seriously, these girls are then returned to their villages while the guy continues to have fun until one day when he tried it with the wrong girl who called him out with proof.

The matter was later taken to the police and the man was asked to care for the child that was delivered.

Instead of focusing on the job they are paid to do they have been accused of spending their time frolicking with men and forming romantic relationships.

Please see a screenshot of the chat below:

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