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Why I killed my baby brother, confession (fiction)

I killed my baby brother, yes I did kill him.

Edikan was one of the 15 students abducted from a school bus on October 1st 2014. He was 11, a jss2 student.

People saw when they all entered a navy blue coaster at around 4:35 pm. They were all singing and clapping. It's a 20 minutes drive from Uj Esuene stadium to Nigerian Navy secondary school, Akpabuyo. The bus was later found that same evening, say 6:30pm, at odukpani.

Nobody was in the bus,only school bags and silence.

And just last week, July 8th, edikan called my number from a street in Calabar at night. When we saw him, he was emaciated, dirty, scarred and naked.

I was in UNN, when I heard the news. My parents, and the other parents/guardians of the missing children, were inconsolable. They cried, pressured the school authorities, brought in the police, the media.

October, 2014, I joined a search party organised by the FOC Eastern Naval Command, Rear Admiral Harry Ngonadi, to probe the forest close to the found bus. Many people volunteered. After a fruitless week, the search was called off. We found nothing. No bones or remains. Nothing.

Finding edikan last week we knew something was terribly wrong. Edikan begged us not to leave him in the hospital. He said "please, no. They'll find us." And sunlight hurt him like fire.

We took him home, brought a doctor and the man said " this is not clinically possible, the young man doesn't have a heart."

And the millipedes, edikan kept asking for those little things to eat. He wanted to eat only millipedes.

Then, he said to me " I saw you sima, I saw you in the forest. I called you but you couldn't hear me because I was in the tree.

Edikans story on why he was in a tree will be posted in the next blog.

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