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How the economic situation of Nigeria has changed many people

How the economic situation of Nigeria has changed many people

The tough economic situation of Nigeria has really affected many people both young and old psychologically. Not everybody you see on the street with torn clothes or rags, soliloquizing are mad or retarded. The economic hardship has really changed the life pattern of many. The situation has resulted to depression for many people, which has claimed their lives. Depression has carted away the lives of many promising youths with no certainty of a better tomorrow. Many have even committed suicide because they can’t bear the hardship associated with being unemployed or jobless after acquiring clusters of certificates and nothing to show for it. Really, it’s disheartening but committing suicide isn’t an option and will never be no matter what.

Before, when you mistakenly step on people and you say “Sorry”, it’s settled but now the reverse is the case. People pick up fight against one another on things that aren’t relevant. Frustration is written all over people’s faces. Poverty has over shadowed people’s sanity. My concern is, how do we preach humanity, civility, orderliness, abstinence from crime to people who hardly eat 3 meals a day, People who sleep on the street without shelter, parents whose lost their children because they couldn’t afford 500 naira medicine and these people see their neighbours, Colleagues, mates, friends living in affluence, large, Surplus... They feel helpless and see nothing meaningful about life. This is what our leaders in Government should have a rethink on.

It’s crystal, that the situation of the country is very hard for many people. We can all do our best to assist people in need. We all need to be our brother’s keeper to make our environment, state, nation and the world a better place for all of us to live. 

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