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Twin Babies Found Dead in a Waste Bin in Calabar. [Viewer Discretion Advised]

The residents of Calabar woke up to heartlessness of an unknown woman who dumped twin babies in a waste bin by Bateba along etta Agbor Road, Calabar. It was quite shocking to discover that the babies were already dead even before people start gathering around the waste bin. An eye witness stated that she saw the babies during the early hours of the morning while returning from morning mass at St Bernard Catholic church and it left her in great shock and heartbroken over the sight. This is not the first time residents of that axis have seen babies been dump in the waste bin as overtime in the past unknown persons are fond of the evil act of dumping babies in the very same waste bin. Most eye witnesses who came to see for themselves bemoan and raise abuses on the unknown woman for such heartlessness. It was quite a touching sight from the eye witnesses as most women could be seen crying over the incident and could not control the flow of tears and curses. Who could be so heartless to such extend? Who was the father of the dead twins? Why will the person not drop the babies at any Ngos instead of dumping the babies? What was circumstances behind the whole situation? Does the pepetrators knows that God exist? After all the labour and this is next? All these questions were been asked to no person in particular by sad and angry eye witnesses.

The appropriate authorities came and carried the dead babies away as onlookers wail at the sight of the babies.

This is very bad, it is high time most teenagers and adults accept the fact that if they are not ready to give birth and cater for an offspring, it is advisable they stay away from sex and if they can't then use protectives. Children are gift from God and if anybody have the Heart to commit such evil act, such person will definitely face the wrath of God.

See pictures at http//:Facebook/hitfm page. Viewer Discretion Advised.

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Calabar. Ngos St Twin Babies


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